Why Sprintx?

Sprintx is a Venture Studio for early stage startups across the world. Our unique program helps the founders to bridge the gaps, gain insights, achieve early traction and excel in their endeavor. Association with Sprintx will be long term, till you are successful. Sprintx bring a combination of mentoring and advisory to help early stage startup founders succeed. The team comprises of ex-founders, industry leaders, domain experts and business leaders. Our program is uniquely designed, not just to train but empower founders.

Through our long term association, we fill the gaps that your team experiences at every stage, from inception to exit. Be it Business Strategy, Revenue model, Team, Partnerships, Fund raising or traction, our association sets you on the right path to avoid pitfalls and possible failures. Sprintx expertise will challenge your ideas, approach, market sizing, business model etc., to accelerate the growth.

Our program is for Startups chasing innovation and challenging the status quo in any part of the world. In 2019, there are over 452 Unicorns globally and $407B invested in 23k deals(source, YoStartups). Startup success is well beyond Silicon Valley, disruption is unfolding across the world.

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